Dalen Hotel


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Dalen Hotel is a historic wooden hotel from 1894 well located at the end of the Telemark Canal. The hotel has been preserved in historic design with original woodwork, wallpaper and period furniture, there are also no televisions in the rooms or other modern interruptions. We still have wifi with modern speed available to our guests.. The hotel has 49 rooms in different room categories, possibility of chambre separe in two different premises, a very good kitchen with a French-inspired style using good Norwegian ingredients. We also offer a wide selection of local activities, the most popular being the Telemark Canal and Soria Moria Sauna.


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General conditions for groups, events, and parties in Dalen Hotel in Telemark via third party booker


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Do you want to visit us with a lunch group?

We offer group lunches for large and small groups (minimum 15 guests)


1-course menu NOK 355.5 per person

2-course menu NOK 472.5 per person

3-course menu NOK 562.5 per person

Afternoon tea NOK 472.5 per person


All menus include a unit of non-alcoholic drink with the main course and coffee/tea with any dessert. For afternoon tea, tea is included.

We also offer storytelling along with the meal for an service charge of 1,000 NOK


Would you like to make a reservation? 

Please contact us:

Phone +47 35 07 90 00

E-mail: [email protected]


Booking manager Eirik T. Andersen

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +47 404 79 475

Feel free to reach out to our sales manager for group request, new partnerships or any questions you might have about Dalen Hotel.

Salgssjef Eirik