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The Grand Opening April 25 - Opening offer 1894



Glasstak og peisestue

The fairytale continues...

It's 130 years since 1894, when we opened our doors for the first time! It will be a very special opening this year. Join the celebration - now with a fantastic opening offer✨. Stay 2 people in a historic double room and enjoy a culinary 3-course dinner in the historic Restaurant Bandak. 


NOK 1 894,- per person (Total price NOK 3 788,- for 2 persons in a double room)

Use booking code: Anno1894 

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The Grand Opening is Thursday April 25th and the Opening Offer 1894 is valid for stays between April 25th and May 5th, and must be booked by Thursday March 7th.

Welcome to a magical opening for the season of celebration!

Garden activites

Afternoon Tea & À la carte lunch

Do you want to enjoy Afternoon Tea or our à la carte lunch this summer?

For guests without accommodation, we offer booking of afternoon tea and a la carte lunch throughout the summer. Groups of 8 or more guests are asked to contact the hotel directly to make their reservation.


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The Historic Restaurant Bandak

Restaurant Bandak has a unique historical position and is described as one of the hotel's most important attractions. The restaurant has been preserved in its original condition and should be a must when you visit us. 

Our ambition is to create a unique culinary experience in our venerable restaurant. In the same way that prominent and noble people visited the hotel and enjoyed fine dining in the 19th century, we want to give today's guests the opportunity to experience the same.

In line with the hotel's history and originality, the menu compositions are influenced by this. Our team of chefs are constantly working to combine inspiration from elegant and sophisticated French cuisine with fresh, seasonal Norwegian ingredients. Much is harvested from our own kitchen garden, while others are sourced from local producers.

Welcome to a historic dining experience you definitely won't forget!


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Soria Moria Sauna


Soria Moria Sauna is situated at the end of Dalen Hotels property.  Designed by "Feste Landskap/Arkitektur", surrounded by epic natura and a marvellous view of Bandak, this is a great attraction. The sauna receives a large amount of international attention, has won several award and is imensly popular. Be sure to book it ahead of time.


NB, the Sauna is owned and operated by Tokke Municipality, unfortunatly we can not guarantee that the sauna is available during your stay.



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Logo - A story to Share

M/S Henrik Ibsen

"King of the Telemark Canal" is Dalen Hotel's own canal ship and our pride. M/S Henrik Ibsen is a historic canal ship from 1907 and runs a daily shuttle service from Dalen - Skien throughout the canal season. The ship has all rights and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner on its journey through the locks. Several canal packages, day packages and canal trips are offered which can be booked on the ship's website.


M/S Henrik Ibsen


Discover the world's most spectacular water journey

- On board M/S Henrik Ibsen

The Telemark Canal was completed in 1892. Described as a technological masterpiece and one of the eighth wonders of the world, it attracted a huge influx of travelers from all over the world. Everyone wanted to travel on the fantastic canal with its fascinating Norwegian and unique nature.

Today, the beautiful cultural-historical waterway can be experienced on board the veteran ship M/S Henrik Ibsen from 1907. Along the way, you will see a varied and unique landscape, with narrow lakes and large waters, animals grazing in the summer, small and old farms, bridges, life on the pier and, not least, the art of the lock as it has always been performed. At Bandak, at the end of the canal, Dalen Hotel reveals itself with its magnificent and majestic architecture.


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dalens ender

The Ducks of Dalen Hotel

Every year, Dalen Hotel adopts Peking ducks from Holte Farm. The ducks live in the duck pen in the hotel's garden, but are released daily where they can roam freely and take a bath in the pond. Unlike ostriches, Peking ducks cannot fly, so they can wander freely around the hotel garden to the delight of guests and staff. The ducks arrive at the hotel when it opens in the spring and move to a local farm in the fall. 

At the start of the season when the ducks are new arrivals, they are a little shy and reserved. But gradually, they become confident, curious and a wonderful addition to our beautiful garden. Feel free to join us when we feed them!

The ducks are a very popular attraction at the hotel.

We remind you that leashes are required on hotel property.