Restaurant Bandak
Restaurant Bandak
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Restaurant Bandak

Restaurant Bandak


The hotel's ambitions are to deliver dining experiences out of the ordinary. The restaurant experience is in focus during a visit to Dalen Hotel. In line with the hotel's history and founding, the menu is French inspired with the use of local and Norwegian ingredients.

The hotel’s restaurant offers four- and six-course menus, there is also the option of chambre séparée. The restaurant is classically styled with white tablecloths and candles and service wears white gloves and bow tie. In the evening, the restaurant has a smart casual dress code and it is possible to borrow a suit jacket at the hotel.

The dining room is preserved in historical condition and is mentioned as one of the hotel's most important sights by the Norwegian National Heritage Board.

Hotel guest are prioritized for seats in the restaurant, please feel free to contact us to check availability if you do not plan to stay at the hotel.

Eksempelmenyer 2023 

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4-retters meny

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6-retters meny

NB, menyen servert vil sannsyneligvis være en annen en denne menyen

Chambre séparée
We would also like to inform you that you have the option of reserving Chambre séparée for those special occasions.

Press Restaurant Bandak / Dalen Hotel
Press review in "Dagens Næringsliv 30.08.2019" (in norwegian)