The fall season at Dalen Hotel 

 Fall is more than a season - it's a spirit, a feeling, a magical time!


For the first time in 130 years, Dalen Hotel is expanding its season and staying open for magical fall and winter adventures. For those of you who have dreamed of celebrating Christmas at Dalen, we are also pleased to announce that there will be Christmas celebrations from mid-November to mid-December 2024.  

As the temperature drops and summer comes to an end, fall makes its entrance. The beautiful season of crisp air and endless colors of yellow, red and orange is finally here. The contrasts between the beautiful colors outdoors and the warm atmosphere indoors give us the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds. Welcome to the charming season at Dalen, where the joy of food, reflection, the play of colors and the pleasure of hiking, combined with historical buzz, are ready to welcome you.


Roser i front av Dalen Hotel
Johan på benken i hagen
Inn i den historiske peisestuen
Fantastiske peisestuen
Idyll på terrassen
Lunsj på Dalen Hotel