Welcome to the Garden of Dalen Hotel

dalen soler seg
endene i dammen
blomsterliv på dalen
soria moria sauna
Utsikt fra terrassen

Dalen Hotel was opened in 1894 in a grand and romantic Swiss style with dragon heads, towers, spires, balconies and cornices. The hotel is described by the National Heritage Board as the best preserved of all the old Swiss hotels in Norway. The hotel's beautiful gardens face Lake Bandak, with the steep mountainsides plunging into the deep Lake Bandak. This stunning and unique landscape creates a dramatic and majestic setting for Dalen Hotel's garden.

The garden has been planted with plants and trees for 130 years, and the garden landscape is a very important part of the historic hotel. A rare maple tree, a yellow spotted maple (Acer psedoplatanus cultivar Variegatum), was planted at the inauguration of Dalen Hotel on September 8, 1894 and still adorns the garden. 

Dalen has a flora that you don't see anywhere else in Norway. The climate here in the spring and summer even makes it possible for the hotel to grow grapes. The garden contains a large collection of very rare trees and shrubs, carefully numbered and described. A separate map is available for guests at reception. 

Kart over Arboretet

The Arboretum at Dalen Hotel®

The arboretum at Dalen consists of a collection of rare trees, shrubs and flowers, which are cultivated for scientific and educational purposes, as well as for testing new species in our local climate. At the same time, it will provide opportunities for nature experience and enjoyment, and hopefully stimulate people's interest in science and botany.

The hotel's gardener, Karen, takes good care of all our unique plants and is happy to take you on a tour and share her knowledge. 

Piken med fisken av Anne Grimdalen

Sculptures & Wildlife

The girl with the fish will welcome you in front of the hotel. This is a sculpture by Anne Grimdalen, who grew up on a beautiful farm not far from Dalen. Grimdalstunet at Skafså is today a popular place to visit showcasing all her sculptures.

We highly recommend a walk along the path by the canal and out to Buøy. Here you are almost guaranteed to see a beaver in the evening. They play in the river Tokkeåi, which flows out just beyond the hotel. If you're lucky, you'll also meet the deer that constantly run past in the forest.