The Arboretum

The Arboretum

The garden has hosted a wide range of different events, concerts and dinners.  This beautiful tree is the same age as the hotel and provides a fantastic backdrop for you and your guests.

The hotel offers two small rowing boats, available for you if a small trip on the fjord is requested. Or maybe a game of croquet sounds more tempting? Necessary croquet equipment can be borrowed at the front desk.

The arboretum at the Dalen Hotel®

The hotel garden contains a large collection of very rare trees and shrubs, carefully numbered and described. A map of this arboretum can be provided by the front desk. An arboretum is a collection of trees and shrubs grown for scientific and teaching purposes, as well as for the testing of new species in our local climate. At the same time it is supposed to give nature expericences and pleasure, and hopefully it stimulates young people's interest in science and botany. Dalen has a flora that you will not see elsewhere in Norway. The climate here during spring and summer even enables the hotel to grow grapes.

We strongly recommend a stroll along the canal out to Buøy. In the evenings you will almost certainly see the beavers playing in the river Tokkeåi, running not far from the hotel. If lucky you may also encounter venison, often observed in the nearby forest.

"The girl with the fish" wecomes you in front of the hotel. This sculpture is made by artist Anne Grimdalen who grew up at a farm not far from Dalen. This farm, Grimsdalstunet by Skafså, featuring all her sculptures, today is a popular tourist sight.

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