The Telemark Canal

Telemark Canal – The canal boats are the most important and unique experience on the journey to Dalen. During summer season you can start or end your trip with the boat “M / S Henrik Ibsen” or “M / S Victoria” just like in the old days after the opening of the hotel in 1894. The ride to or from Skien along the Telemark Canal is a short day trip with many spectacular locks and breathtaking scenery. The mountains tower up to 900 meters along the Bandak lake which has a depth of  close to 400 meters.

Soria Moria – Sauna

Soria Moria is a work of art by a sauna – flashing like a piece of jewelry in Bandak!
The inspiration for a sauna is from the surrounding landscape and history. Built its characteristic silhouette is an interpretation of the sloping mountainsides that disappear into Bandak lake. The dressing of shavings is inspired by the local construction practice and occasionally the wooden spoon flashes of gold. “The Gullsponen refers to the contrast that arose between low-key Telemarkings and lavish overseas upper class during the establishment of the Dalen Hotel at the end of the 19th century,” explains architect David Fjågesund in Feste Landskap. The landscape around will be perceived as a dramatic antenna well to sit high up under the roof where the temperature is at its warmest or on the lower bench. And should one be too hot, a dip in Bandak will definitely be cool!

Lårdalstigen – hiking tour

is an amazing hiking trail between Lårdal and Dalen in Telemark. Much of the trail balances on the mountain edge up to 2400 feet above the Telemark Canal. You encounter old cultural landscape and historic sites. Along the trail there is also a great flora, and the geology is peculiar. It is possible to walk only parts of the trail. The whole hike is close to 15 km long and physically demanding. If you arrive in Lårdal in the afternoon, you may combine with returning to Dalen on one of the stunning canal boats MS Henrik Ibsen or MS Victoria.



The annual village festival in Dalen, held every year around the 20th of June, is called “Dalsmarken”. The streets are closed for traffic and welcomes numerous exhibitors and stalls as well as a large audience of locals and tourists. Concerts are held during the days as well as in the evenings, and you will find various activities for children including animals and amusement park features. Great days for the whole family. Further information about visiting Dalsmarken can be provided by the hotel front desk.


Round-trip by bicycle or canoe

We welcome you to experience the vicinities of the Telemark Canal by taking your bike or canoe onboard the boat and making your own way back to the starting point.



is one of the most spectacular roads and driving routes between Dalen and western Norway/Rogaland. This road usually opens  mid-May and stays open during the summer season at Dalen Hotel. The road is very popular with motorcyclists and veteran car groups, and Dalen Hotel is a preferred stopover for accommodation, food, drink and relaxation. We welcome all motor clubs. Please contact us for offers. More information on



is a populær activity at Tokkeåi, a lake just 100 m from the hotel. At Buøy or upwards along the river the possibilities of encountering the Bandak trout are good. Proof that this species may reach a size of 15 kg is on display in the hotel reception area. Fishing licence can be purchased at the hotel or at the tourist office. The hotel has two small boats, possible to rent for fishing or just for leasure. For information on tailor made fly fishing courses, please contact us at the hotel.



is recommended at Norsjø Golf Park, situated in the middle of Telemark County, a good hour drive from Dalen Hotel. More information to be found at Norsjø Golfpark.